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Welcome to CHART, the Carolina Health Assessment and Resource Tool.

CHART is a unique online health behavior assessment tool created by - and for - UNC researchers to facilitate the data collection process and enhance interventions.

CHART is designed to be a core resource tool to
  • Assess behavioral risk factors for cancer and other chronic health conditions
  • Improve participant/patient awareness and motivation to modify behavioral risks
  • Launch interventions to reduce behavioral risks
CHART was originally developed in paper format by Dr. Laura Linnan's research team, which included members of the Carolina Collaborative for Research on Work and Health (CCRWH) and these funding sources: the National Cancer Institute, the North Carolina Translational & Clinical Sciences Institute (NCTraCS), and the NC Department of Health & Human Services.

Funding for the online version of CHART is provided by Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center's Health for Everyone In North Carolina (Health-e-NC). This program is fully funded through the generosity of the state of North Carolina via the University Cancer Research Fund.